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Directory structure

The directory structure of the eQual framework is designed for simplicity and efficiency, providing a clear organization that enhances the development process.

Root directory structure

├── bin
├── lib
├── packages
├── public
│   ├── .htaccess
│   └── index.php
├── spool
├── eq.lib.php
└── run.php
eq.lib.php Boostrap library. Defines constants and global utilities
run.php Server script for client-server mode
lib Folder containing eQual library (mostly classes and services definitions)
packages Folder containing installed packages (classes definition, translations, views, actions, …)
public Root public folder for the web server
bin Folder containing values of binary fields see BINARY_STORAGE_DIR
spool Dedicated to email sending

The root folder is also the place where to place a composer.json file and the subsequent /vendor directory.


.htaccess Apache configuration file used to prevent directory listing and handling url rewriting
index.php This script is also referred to as the dispatcher : its task is to include required libraries and to set the context. This is the main entry point.
console.php This is the only alternate entry point.
assets static content, javascripts, stylesheets, images, config, translation
_assets/env eQual Configuration file.
_assets/i18n Translation files.

In addition to those files and folders, other folders might be present, according to the initialized Apps.


  • config.json, to configure your database and other parameters.

  • config-example.json, rename it as to use custom configuration.


Libraries and services used as external resources.


The run.php scripts acts as a router to handle custom routes and native DO, GET and SHOW queries, either by CLI, HTTP or PHP.