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Authentication manager

The AuthenticationManager is dedicated to everything related to user authentication. eQual is stateless, meaning that all HTTP requests are accompanied by a header that allows identifying the user who made the request.

Access token

eQual uses JWT tokens that are exchanged between the back-end and the client (browser ) as HttpOnly cookie.

using CLI

There is no authentication using CLI: in command-line context, user is identified as root with full privileges.

During authentication (via the signin controller) a token is generated, according to the AUTH_ACCESS_TOKEN_VALIDITY parameter, and stored by the browser.

The duration defined in AUTH_ACCESS_TOKEN_VALIDITY corresponds to the maximum duration of inactivity of a user session.

When the token's validity limit has been exceeded, the token is deleted by the browser and the user must identify himself again.

Extension of validity

Each time a valid session token is used, it authenticates the user for a minimum of 1 hour. The validity of the token is extended if necessary.