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The Logger (equal/log/Logger.class.php) class adds logs to the database using 4 different parameters :

user_id Identifier of the user responsible for the action.
action Action of the user.
value Complementary value of the action (example: previous value of the object).
object_class Name of the entity on which the action is done.
object_id Identifier of the entity on which the action is done.

Those logs are system object, no permissions must be applied.

The logs allow users to keep an overview of object changes (action log).

The actions are CRUDS by default, but custom actions could also be created, example : SENT, when a message is sent.

As of now, the logs don't keep track of the content of the changes or reason behind it.

The logs can be enabled or disabled in the global config file :

 define('LOGGING_ENABLED', true);


An other way to keep track of the object changes is the use of the version (core/version.class.php) class.

In which you could have an evolving tracking of an object, going through changes over times, with the value changes (serialized_value).

The versioning can be enabled or disabled in the global config file :

define('VERSIONING_ENABLED', true);


The Reporter lib/equal/error/Reporter.class.php class will keep track of

  • debug (can be used in any script, to check variables values);
  • warning (the action is done, but incomplete);
  • error (the action can't be done);
  • and fatal errors (the system stops) messages.

The logs are kept inside the log(CSV files) folder (and appear in http://equal.local/console), they are written in a human readable way, to keep track easily.

The logs are brief, and could, in the future, be written in JSON, to add info's.

The logs content is written following the core/Log.class.php structure. They are just like any other object and may use any of their functions.

For example, an other class could point at the log object ("log_id"), every time that object is subject to debug, warnings, errors and fatal errors.

In the future, a timestamps journal could be enabled in the global, to keep track of the length of use of any eQual ressources.